Data synchronization is the process of establishing consistency among data from a source to a target data storage and vice versa and the continuous harmonization of the data over time. We provide data synchronization services to synchronize local data to remote server or web server. Imagine a situation where a retailer is having local software with all item entries and current rates including discount fields and inventory status. If the client want to show item rates online for the item which is available for sale he has to enter data manually. This type of system is not effective and may lead to loss and conflicts between supplier and customer. We have a solution with which the local system data is automatically synchronized with web server and instantly data is available to the viewer. Synchronization is a process that ensures the same content among two participating entities, having different set of content possibly. In a synchronization process, there involves two participants, generally, termed as source and destination, where the content will be placed from source entity to destination entity.Based on requirement and characteristics of data, the synchronization process can be categorized in two ways.

Unidirectional synchronization: replacing destination entity with the source entity. In a unidirectional synchronization, all of the contents from source entity will be placed to destination entity, which also implies, any content in the destination entity, that doesn’t exist in source entity, will be deleted.

Bidirectional synchronization: merging data from both participating entities

♠ To provide a technology platform which will ease the work and provide the needed MIS

♠ To help strengthen NGO capacity, encourage cooperation among the NGOs, supports efficient communication between NGOs, MFIs and Banks

♠ Member information on a single click

♠ Analysis on loan repayment

♠ Resource Person work efficiency

♠ To prepare a system which is flexible, Scalable, cost effective and time efficient

The pilot project is initiated in year 2010 by SYNERGY and Vashudhara Dairy to study and implement hand held terminal based system. New modules like smart card issuance to members and tracking animals by RFID tags, readers are also suggested. With implementation of new system field level data will be directly entered using HHT and users will authenticated with smart cards and animals will be identified using RFID tags and readers.