SYNERGY specializes in providing consultation services covering from manufacturing, trading, service. We expertise in developing a software for ISO certified companies. We have highly skilled and experienced professional, who frequently work on new methods or modify the existing one to develop best possible solutions. We work to convert our quality implementation into your commercial gains.

If your company is a part of high-value process manufacturing industry and look forward to achieve optimum quality. Low cost of production while ensuring customer satisfaction, then vishleshan is the right choice for your environment. Vishleshan is affordable, powerful, yet flexible solution for midsized manufacturing companies. The software is integrated with all functional applications of an enterprise and can be customized as per user requirement. The software is based on ISO requirement and helps in implementing ISO based system within the company. Vishleshan being a complete business solution, provide real-time solutions needed to gain control on all aspects of your business process such as sales and distribution, Finance & accounting, Material Management, Plant MIS, Plant Maintenance, Logistic Planning, HR Management & payroll and much more

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Microfinance is the lending of tiny loans to poor people for their small business without mandating that they provide collateral to gain access to there loan. Microfinance is often considered one of the most effective and flexible strategies in the fight against poverty. Vasudhara Dairy is having presence in 1000 villages with turnover of around 400 crore. Along with the core business the dairy also render services like loans to member, self help group management, animal health check up and insurance etc. The software manages data about various loans that the dairy provides to it’s thousands of members. Gujarati language is used to enter date in software. Major challenge was to translate English data into Gujarati language and to transfer previous English data into our new Gujarati software. After studying the system we developed a new model for this software and made few changes in the process.

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Data synchronization is the process of establishing consistency among data from a source to a target data storage and vice versa and the continuous harmonization of the data over time. We provide data synchronization services to synchronize local data to remote server or web server. Imagine a situation where a retailer is having local software with all item entries and current rates including discount fields and inventory status. If the client want to show item rates online for the item which is available for sale he has to enter data manually.

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Software Solution for Bottled Water Industry

Synergy Info Solution targets the bottled water industry. When contacted few of suppliers we found major problem in this business was to manage inventory of containers. Keeping in mind the problems faced we developed a solution that manages all entries starting from loading of container to final monthly billing generation. The billing is automatically generated each month including classification of cash payment and credit payment. The software is developed in a way that our client can themselves add new container type, can group customers. Bottled Water suppliers can fix their route in software and accordingly will get MIS generated from the system. Vehicle information, employee information can also be added in a single software.

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PC based SMS Solutions

Enhance your business performance with applying SMS solutions offered by SYNERGY. Our solutions allow you to operate faster and do your business in an efficient and cost effective way. SMS technology, provided by SYNERGY, not only makes it possible to communicate with your employees, customers or business partners but it also enables your IT system to send you SMS alerts to prevent critical system failures. Research shows that 94% SMS messages are viewed, 62% of SMS messages are remembered and 22% value added SMS messages are forwarded by the receivers.

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EasyPay - Payroll system

Companies having employees on contract bases (mainly textiles) have problem of identifying employees, paying salaries and maintaining government records. Maintaining employee attendance and other information manually is not easy and effective. To manager this information payroll software named easy pay is developed. Web camera is integrated for capturing the photographs of the employees and ID card is printed directly from the software so no need to stick photograph manually. The software is bundled with a web camera, a pen drive and installation CD. This software can be run from pen drive

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We have developed e-terry software which is for terry towel manufacturers. The software includes Purchase , production planning , costing, dispatch, manpower planning and all related modules. The software is based for jacquard systems. Inventory management is also efficiently done. Each machine data is available through system.

Auto Alert system:

We have developed auto alert system that can be used in preventive maintenance, calibration of items or alert for quality purpose for chemical product testing. The system is easy to use. Data once entered will automatically alert through email or SMS. Currently android based alert system is in pipe. The system keeps manager updated on how much work they have during next week, next month or even today. The system helps managers in planning manpower and allotment of work.

Other Software:

Parcel Service Management, Billing for all, Appointment Scheduling and patient history, Finance and Investment Management, Inventory management software for retailers, School Management Software, Data Synchronisation software for easy database integration, Handheld Terminal Based solutions, RFID based solutions, RFID based Jewellery Management, Animal Tracking.