What is Domain Name?


Which websites do you visit often? How do you reach to the websites you visit daily? For visiting Google, YouTube, or Times Of India, you write their “link” in the web browser – www.google.com, www.youtube.com, www.timeofindia.com. This link is the domain name of these websites.

A website address is mainly a combination of three parts:

1. World Wide Web: WWW is an abbreviation of World Wide Web. It is the very first part of any web address or link and remains the same for each website.

2. Domain: This is the name of website. In www.google.com – in the website link you write to visit Google, the portion “google” is the domain name. It is unique for each website address.

3. Extension or Top-Level Domains (TLD): Extensions, known as Top-Level Domains (TLDs), come at the end of any web address. In this example, “.com” is the TLD. This TLD represents which category your website belongs to “.com” is most widely used TLD in the world. “.in” is used mainly for Indian websites, “.net” for technology related websites, “.org” for organizations and so on. .

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