Dr. Harnish Naik

Founder & Owner

SYNERGY’s founder (Dr. Harnish Naik) is having doctorate (Ph.D) degree and is a key reason for continued success for so long.

  • Dr. Naik has Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and MBA in Information Systems. In every department and at every level, his methodical organisation keeps the company on course.
  • He is behind the success of hundreds of happy clients. His insights and day-to-day involvement enable SYNERGY’S Consulting to provide value-added IT solutions to numerous Global companies, as well as many growing, mid-tier firms.
  • Dr. Harnish co-founded SYNERGY in 2005 soon after completing his MBA. While managing large software development and integration projects for clients operating in a number of vertical markets, he honed his technology expertise and consistently delivered to his clients targeted, cost-effective IT solutions.


► IT consultant with advanced technical knowledge, in the field of Software development, Radio Frequency Identification and web based solutions along with quick adaptability to new technologies.

► Self-employed professional working on customize IT implementations

► Over 5 years of technical and project handling experience, working with various clients in all aspects of the Project Life Cycle. Responsibilities handled include system study, designing database, providing coding guidelines.

► Strong experience in Database design, studying customer requirements and project management.

► Strong communication skills, analytical skills, excellent ability to debug and resolve technical problems in complex systems. Quick adaptability to new technologies and new working environment.

► Specialisation in integrating modern technologies in the project like Hand held terminals and Auto Identification solutions.

► Ability to interact with end users and analyse existing systems, conceptualize new ones, design systems integration and deploying innovative Internet/Intranet/Client-Server based business solutions using the highest standards of quality control.

► Good understanding of business process in industry and ability to analyse the process and map it to the requirements and software packages available.

► Great experience in IT infrastructure management, networking, Hardware and web servers. Able to guide best available solution in the market at effective cost.


Business Development
Studying Requirement
Database Design
Project Management