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Synergy Info Solutions is a company devoted to bringing technology for small business owners, Government and co-operatives. The company is founded on evidence that there are tremendous amount of underserved small businesses that are in need of technological consulting and experience, but that don't have the revenue to hire large multinational firms to do the work.

The company was initiated in 2005 with the vision to provide world class IT services to the clients. We always try to innovate new product that provides customer focused solution by leveraging latest IT technology that is suited our local market

The market for SYNERGY is not limited to rural Ares, if the business expands; it is likely to expand further into the other sectors. The key area of work is in customize software development, Web Based services, integrated with state of the art technologies like Hand Held Terminal, RFID, Smart Card and touch Screen solutions. Our clientele includes co-operative societies, Textile Companies, Engineering and government bodies.


'SYNERGY have been overseeing the development of our school network for over 5 years. Work is always completed to a high standard, on time and to budget. We have been very appreciative of the patient, friendly and reliable service. No problem is too small or too large and when they say they will get back to you, they do - quickly and with an inexpensive solution!'

--The Ambika High School -Gadat

We would like to thank SYNERGY for the excellent service they have provided us over the past seven years. They always take time to understand what we are trying to achieve and are helpful, patient and responsive. We really appreciate that things are explained in a clear and easy to understand way. Calls and emails are always returned promptly and problems are dealt with swiftly'

--Pro Auto parts Canada

'We have been delighted with the service and support that has been consistently provided by SYNERGY. They are incredibly responsive and efficient and we look forward to a long association with Nova IT Solutions.

--United Looks

Great team, great skills, great communication! I can highly recommend them!


“Very satisfactory and professional approach towards project management. Very good understanding and implementation of clients’ objectives and requirements.”

--Gandevi Sugar

“I like the professionalism SYNERGY has and the companies attentive nature. I like dealing with SYENRGY a lot.”

--Gandevi People

“Very happy with the work by the team. You get out what you put in, and if you don’t put in the effort to communicate well, you’ll run into problems, regardless of who you work with. The team is very accommodating, professional and expert in their field. Will not hesitate to work with them again on future projects.


“We are very pleased with your Project Management capability. Your team has excellent communication skills and a fast response and turnaround time. Highest work quality. We can say that SYNERGY is a honest and decent group of people with the highest work ethic I have seen for development team.”

--Navsari Chamber

They provided so much more than I asked for. We are pleased with our web site and the interaction with the SYNERGY.

--Amalsad KSS

"As a non-techy I dread calling anyone about IT problems as usually I am bamboozled by technical questions which I often don't understand - let alone can answer. So it was very refreshing to have someone patiently help me out without making me feel like an idiot. Very helpful even though the problem turned out to be nothing to do with SYNERGY."

--Keyur Naik

“We have been very impressed by Dr.Harnish Naik's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the international development of our company.”

--Desai Infra

How does a small business with a big vision relay that to the masses with flair via the information highway? Give SYNERGY a call and find out! SYNERGY provided us amazing service, creative recommendations and honoured our marketing budget… making what seemed daunting, painless!

--Cloud Labs

"One of the attractions for me of working with SYNERGY is that they have a very similar mind-set in terms of bringing value to the organisation."


One of the attractions for us of working with SYNERGY is that they have a very similar mind-set in terms of bringing value to the organisation."


We really enjoyed our experience in working with SYNERGY. It’s very valuable to us as an organisation to have their expertise at our fingertips. They developed our software - website and educated us. SYNERGY is available to answer our queries and assist us whenever we need them to.


"We are using many services from SYNERGY. We love to use all their services specially love the web mail client provided, we can access our email anywhere with ease."

--Sandesh Distributors


To simplify business process by leveraging new technologies like Radio Frequency Identification, Hand Held Terminal, Mobile Communication, Web Based solution.

To educate clients on technological advancements and what are technological advantages in their business process

To innovate new products for small businesses to compete with the large business houses


Small businesses always strive for the world class services due to lake of fund, technological know how and the resources. Our mission is to bridge that gap through training and by educating the small business owner in how to utilize the IT resources they have, and leverage the technology available to get the most out of their businesses. Our mission is to grow with our client’s growth by providing the best technology to survive in this competitive edge.

The organization will have fulfilled its mission when all of its clients have achieved growth rates above 20% combined.