Hand Held Computer (HHC) terminal is innovation that is sleek and aesthetically crafted with features like built-in printer with BARCODE printing option and optional features like built-in Modems (PSTN / GSM / CDMA), Smart card reader, TCP/IP, BARCODE reader etc. Handhelds represent a significant advance in computer technology. Hand Held Computer. We believe that significant differences exist in the capabilities, usability and expandability of current handheld devices. We understand the customer bottleneck area and design the architecture which comprises of the apt components and the right methodology for data capturing using handheld terminals / hand held computers / mobile computers.

Why Using HHT?

► Ease of data capturing

► Remote data transfer facility

► Error free data collection

► Highly secured

► Ease of implementation

► Overcomes operational hurdles

► Integrates with existing legacy system


► E-Challan/Payment Collection

► Time & Attendance Management

► Vehicle Tracking

► Inventory Management