Complete Services Include:

       Keyword Research
       Up to 100 keywords will be researched -- is your target market really searching for the words that you think that they are?

       Keyword Selection
       Search terms that actually show high marketing potential will be chosen to fit in into your optimization and marketing venture.

       Content Development
      To add additional content oriented pages or articles to meet the needs of your visitors to augment the success rate of your search engine marketing promotion, our content development services are available.

       Search Engine Friendly Web Design Analysis
      We always will keep you inform for certain web design practices that could actually harm the high search engine ranking potential of your web site.

       Hand Submissions
      Your web site will be the major search engines by our submission experts.

       Additional Web Site Advertising & Visibility
      Your text ad will be placed on other web sites that to visit your own target market

       Crawler Accessibility Conformity
      We assure your web site conforms with search engine friendly guidelines to ensure that optimized pages are crawled, spidered and indexed.

       Search Engine Ready HTML Coding
      We properly code your HTML web page ensure high search engine positioning potential.

       Monthly Search Engine Ranking Monitoring and Reporting
      Your search engine positions will be monitored and reported to you on a monthly basis.

       E-mail Consultations
      Consult with a trained, certified search engine marketing specialist by e-mail.

       Phone Consultations
      Consult with a trained, certified search engine marketing specialist