LRS Milk Delivery

Web based application developed in and sql server for milk delivery. The application is a mix of web application and mobile application. As the milk is delivered to mobile places we require a mobile device. After checking many mobile devices and other options available we selected Evolute Android based hand held terminal (Mobile device). Application is developed in a sql server database hosted on a web server. The milk delivery person will carry an android device (Evolute Terminal). The members are registered and given NFC cards. Mainly there are 2 types of members. 1. Regular (Main) and 2.Temporary. Milk is to be delivered to regular members and adhoc will be given only after regular members are served. The system is divided into 3 usr types mainly.

- Administrator: The administrator manages software and processes of our system. He is responsible for day to day data verification, Testing the updated system, and helping members in day to day issues. The administrator will approve the member, manage member accounts, help members and milk delivery people, issue membership cards, set milk rates etc.

- Member: Member is the user who has opted for our services. To avail our service the member must register in application. The member will be given a membership card after getting approval from the administrator. After registration the member has to keep a minimum balance specified by authority in the e-wallet.

- Delivery Person: The user who delivers the milk to an individual member. As soon as the user swipes the card the user gets information about the member on the device. After the member verification the delivery person enters milk type and quantity of milk. This transaction is stored in our online database in real time. The delivery person also gets the details about the remaining milk in the container. After delivering milk to homes the delivery person delivers the milk to temporary members. Each translation is date and time stamped for tracking the supply. We can enter multiple users as delivery people and each person will have individual user credentials.


The member details are registered and the membership cards are issued to the member. Members add payment to the wallet using the Quick online payment option. The online payment gateway is integrated for online payment. The Member enters a registered mobile number on a web portal. The member gets otp for verification. The member is directed to the payment page and after providing authorised detail the payment is successfully added to the member wallet. After reaching a specific amount in the wallet the member will be notified for adding funds to the wallet.

The administrator can set the per litre rate for the milk as and when required or the administrator can schedule the rates prior to the date. Everyday the quantity of milk given to the delivery person is entered in the beginning. Reports are available for example how much milk daily supplied by each delivery person , How much left, How and when the milk was delivered, Time taken to deliver the milk, The distribution pattern etc. The delivery person makes necessary entry for the milk delivered so the amount is deducted from the wallet.


1. Milk will be delivered to the registered members only

2. Customer has to provide details about the payment gateway. The customer has to clarify about transaction charges and setup fees. We also have a payment gateway and will provide detail if requested by the customer.

3. Hardware requirement two Independent handheld devices for scanning and making milk delivery entry.