Proauto Parts

The Canada based client wanted to start a business of selling auto parts in Canada. Major issue for Pro-auto was to find the best solution architect who can guide him which functionality Pro-Auto should add to ease the process. Pro-auto officials contacted SYNERGY. Looking to various available solution we developed a blueprint and on customer approval Synergy started the development of Pro-auto parts web solution. The solution that does all the activity that a auto part dealer require.

The system is divided into main two parts. One for client side for customers and dealers the other to administer the pro-auto system. From database design to web hosting all solution is provided by SYNERGY alone. The administrator can add dealer, set price, set discount ,add new item , Check accounts of all clients. Customers are given user name and password through which they can check billing and other information. Customers can return goods from web site and as soon as administrator receives the replacement note it is processed to deliver new material and receive old replaced material. The rate displayed throughout the system will be automatically generated based on user settings. The administrator can set the customer limit so this task is automatically handled by the system.

The Websie URL is :